Disassemble HiT clutch 181401, Assembly and Installation

Cover image-HiT Clutch 181401

Disassemble HiT clutch 181401 Prepare tool: Snap Ring Pliers (90 degree), Flat Screwdriver, Needle Nose Pliers, Snap Ring Pliers (straight). Disassembly Steps take off the Pillow Spring (PS) with snap ring plier remove the C type retaining ring with 90 degree snap ring plier remove the Cover with flat screwdriver take off the Clutch Spring […]

Chinese New Year 2021

Chinese New Year 2021 is coming and we are having holidays from Feb. 10th to Feb. 16th, all orders placed after Feb. 8th will be proceed after our holidays. Rest assured, we will accelerate your order once we get back to work. Thanks again for your support. We wish you a Happy Chinese Near Year! […]

how to solve the loosen belt- Kymco 125 cc – Hi 5

how to solve the loosen belt? Showing the Hi-5 variator installed in the Kymco 125cc scooter. You’ll see the clutch bell is unable to be driven by the V-belt  when the throttle is actuated, the reason is the V-belt is not in the right position after the installation. Showing the loosen V-belt is pushed manually […]