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Tuning HiT Clutch – Road Test

Tuning HiT Clutch – Road Test Test Condition Original Variator Original Ramp Plate Original Boss Original Fan Original Torque Spring Sliding Roller Weight, SR1814-6, 16g Original Driven Pulley Original Clutch Bell Original V-Belt   The road for the riding test is beside a windbreak forest, which is not affected by the weather and wind, the only […]

HiT Clutch Slippage

HiT Clutch Slippage What is ADAMS? Application: ADAMS SIMULATION   ADAMS (Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical System) or MD ADAMS (Adams for Multibody Dynamics) is a simulation application software for developers and engineers to build and test virtual mechanical prototypes. It is one of the most popular software for mechanical module analysis. Definition Not Engaged: […]

How does a HiT Clutch work

How does a HiT Clutch work? For a vehicle to start to move, generally we know there are a few procedures, such as: Engine start. Throttle open. Revolution speed-up.   Afterwards the Clutch (or, more specifically, clutch weights) can firmly connect to (or engage with) the Clutch Bell and the vehicle starts to move. In fact, […]

HiT Clutch Mechanism

HiT Clutch Mechanism The Uniqueness of HiT Clutch   Compared to the clutches we commonly see on the market, Dr.Pulley HiT Clutch contains more components and is more complicated in terms of structure. For easier understanding, we simplified the structure in the figures below. So, there are mainly three portions of the whole clutch, including: Base […]