Effect of Weight Roller

Effect of Weight Roller

Effect of Weight Roller

Basic Introduction

Capability Zone

This chart is a capability zone(blue), more zones means higher capability. There are 13 zones, the number represents the weight of the weight roller.

Selection Frame

It’s a selection frame. In the capability zones, it shows an 8-gram weight roller is chosen by a select bar.

Top Speed

Left side represents top speed capability, full zones (6 zones) indicated means speed is higher.


Right side represents acceleration capability, full zones (6 zones) indicated means acceleration is stronger.

Effect of Weight Roller

Simple rule to choose the weight for your scooter:

Lighter to accelerate, Heavier to higher top-end

Choose lighter weight

When lighter roller (6g) chosen —right side indicating 8 zones, left side indicating 4 zones, it means this selection getting better acceleration and without higher top speed.

Choose heavier weight

When heavier roller (10g) chosen, it indicates left side having 8 zones and 4 zones in ride side, means this selection getting better top speed without high acceleration.

Choose too light

When 2 gram chosen, it’s too light, no capability zone showed in left side means poor top speed.

Choose too heavy

When 14 gram chosen, it’s too heavy, no capability zone showed in the acceleration zone, means poor acceleration.

Consequently, the weight of roller can not be too light or too heavy, otherwise there’ll be a problem in top speed or acceleration. 

Tuning Restriction

Capability Frame

It’s a Capability Frame showing the capability limit in top speed zone and acceleration zone.

Theoretically, a weight of roller will be fixed for proper top speed, acceleration, fuel consuming and pollution when CVT is designed. So it’s impossible to have many various weights of rollers having tuning spectrum showed as previous results.

Potential Zone

The extra gray zones showed in left side(speed) and right (acceleration) represents the potential zones, being able to use  various weight of roller to get better top speed or acceleration, so extra 2 gray zones in right, left side available for tuning in speed or acceleration

And then potential zones for each CVT is different.

It has been to Maximum Top speed

In this capability frame, a 10 gram of roller chosen, it shows 8 zones in left side and 4 zones in right side, represent the top speed gotten in this system is full speed of 8 zones and 4 zones in acceleration capability.

It shows a heavier roller (13g) is chosen, on the left side, it still shows 8 zones but only 1 zone in right side, means much heavier roller is unable to increase the top speed and contrary, the acceleration is decreased to 1 zone only.

It has been to Maximum Acceleration

And contrary, when 6 gram roller is chosen, it shows a full acceleration of 8 zones is gotten with top speed of 4 zones.

When much lighter roller 3 gram is chosen, the right side of acceleration is still same as 6 gram in 8 zones, but the top speed is worse, only 1 zone showed.

Roller Wear

A 10 g of roller chosen, full top speed of 8 zones is gotten as previous chapter.

After a period of riding, the diameter of roller becomes small due to wear and the top speed becomes lower, acceleration becomes higher.

Sliding Roller Weight

What will happen if  Sliding Roller is chosen? Here, capability zone is with 13 zones, roller chosen is 8g.

Choosing Sliding Roller in same weight of round roller, the capability zones will extend from 13 zones to 14 zones, the extra one zone is at top speed zone. That is why the Sliding Roller chosen is 1 gram lighter than the weight of the original round roller.

There are still many capability zones not showing, please try to use your imagination to create all possibilities.

  • The number of capability zones will be 10 or 20.
  • The capability limit frame can be smaller.
  • Maybe, your vehicle is already in full acceleration zone.
  • Maybe, your vehicle is in full top speed with extra 2 zones.

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