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High Thrust Clutch

Invention: a little change that makes big difference.

  A good clutch should transmit engine torque to wheel torque efficiently. However, power loss always exists, for ALL clutches.

  So, we invented something new, a patented HiT system that can borrow engine torque directly, and then add this extra power to the clutch shoes. In this way, you get at least 35% higher force to grab the bell, the clutch pads won’t over slip, and the clutch bell won’t be overheated. We shorten the pad slipping time to exactly what your clutch needs. Never overdo nor waste effort.

  The patented HiT design is a true design, not just adding a screw to change springs for fun. Therefore, HiT clutch performs smoothly at the time of engagement, as well as disengagement. Get your vehicle “HiT clutch inside.”

feature of hit Clutch-Dr.Pulley


High Thrust Clutch, US Patent No. 8,025,139 B2.

HiT Clutch Mechanism

Chapter Mechanism

For easier understanding, we simplified the structure in the figures below.

How does a HiT Clutch work?

For easier understanding, we will see from the BACK VIEW and explain the following three phases

How does a HiT Clutch work
Hit Clutch Slippery

Less Slippage Features

By observing the spring rpm at different phases,
we will see the difference between HiT Clutch and stock clutch (i.e., conventional clutch).

How to Disassemble and Assemble the HiT Clutch?

All chapters include Prepare Tool, Disassembly Steps, Assembly Steps, Installation Steps.

Disassemble HiT clutch
Springs - suggestion-tuning Hit clutch

How to tune HiT Clutch -Troubleshooting

The pillow springs and clutch springs originally installed in HiT clutch are optimum to upgrade the vehicle to enable powerful takeoff and comfortable riding.

Road Test

  All test conditions are the same, only the clutch is different. Test the acceleration time needed to reach distance: 402 meter (1/4 mile)

Tuning HiT Clutch - Road Test

Field Test

To compare various data between stock (conventional) clutch and High Thrust Clutch.

Application: Veypor Analysis Software


  • Weight: 210 kg.
  • Wheel Circumference (Cir): 1,378 mm.
  • Shift Point: 10,000 rpm.
  • Scooter Model: Kymco VP125 (GY6).

What did it record?

  • Maximum HorsePower.
  • Maximum Torque.
  • Maximum Velocity.
  • 0~80 km/hr time.
  • 0~20m time.
  • 0~100m time.
  • 0~200m time.
  • 0~300m time.
  • 0~400m time.

Stock Clutch

field test - stock clutch

HiT Clutch

field test - HiT clutch


  Conclusively speaking, High Thrust Clutch has obvious advantage in every aspect; while there was 2~5% improvement speed-wise, we saw superb 15~ 19% improvement regarding maximum horsepower and torque.

RecordStock ClutchHiT ClutchDifference
Maximum Horsepower8.3618 kW9.7687 kWUP 16.83%
Maximum Torque10.7988 N-m12.8010 N-mUP 18.54%
Maximum Velocity88.5110 km/hr91.4410 km/hrUP 3.31%
0~80 km/hr time13.5122 sec13.1686 secSave 2.54%
0~20m time2.5209 sec2.3979 secSave 4.88%
0~100m time7.6457 sec7.4818 secSave 2.14%
0~200m time12.5046 sec12.2587 secSave 1.97%
0~300m time16.9129 sec16.5440 secSave 2.18%
0~400m time21.1855 sec20.6937 secSave 2.32%

  In “0-20m time”, thank for the effective engagement, much less slippage and more acceleration, High Thrust Clutch got absolute advantage in the very beginning, which showed 4.88% time-saving or simply said 4.88% FASTER. Later, since there was no such “slippery contact” period, the improvement rate was slightly adjusted.

  1.1~ 1.4 seconds after the take-off, both stock and HiT Clutch reached the peak value of torque, which then went down along with the rise of speed. In the aspect of torque, HiT Clutch won 18.54% over the stock one, as the contribution of shorter slippage duration as well as the “HiT-unique” thrust force by Push Pins.

field test - compare

  Take a look at the time throughout the entire experiment, we found that the longer distance we travelled, the more speed difference we saw between these two clutches. Roughly speaking, HiT Clutch performed from 0.1 second faster to 0.5 seconds faster than the stock one. Shown in the Comparison Figure, the distance between blue line (stock clutch) and red line (HiT Clutch) became wider along with the timeline.

  Both clutches reached a speed of 80 km/hr when they travelled to 200~ 300 m. And at the end of the whole route, a distance of 400m from start, the meter showed the top end for both clutches were 88.51 km/hr (stock clutch) and 91.44 km/hr (HiT Clutch).

Product Specifications

  The following shows all current product specifications of High Thrust Clutch listed on the E-shop. There are 45 kinds of size specifications for you to choose for your scooter, ATV, or UTV. More products will be updated here.

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