How to choose the right weight for roller weights

How to choose the right weight for roller weights

How to choose the right weight for Roller Weights?

Note: Both “Roller Weight” and “Weight Roller” are widely used for the same stuff. In the article below or other articles throughout our website, you may see both names.

The best weight or the roller weights varies depending on the of tuning, the weight of the driver, and of course the preference of the driver. People may do several experiments with different weights of roller weights to find out the one that works best for their needs, either for acceleration or maximum speed.

Your preference is very important

“What’s the correct weight that I shall choose?” is the most asked question. However, since everyone has different riding style, everyone can have different preference. For example, if rider A chooses a weight to enjoy a powerful acceleration, rider B might think it too aggressive and rather to have a smoother start-up. It’s kind of personal when choosing weights, so there isn’t one correct answer for all.

Simple Rule to Choose Weight

Even so, you can still follow this simple rule to choose the weight for your scooter:

Lighter to accelerate, Heavier to higher top-end.

That is, if you choose a weight lighter than the stock one, you can have more initial acceleration; and if you choose a heavier one, you can have higher top-end speed than the original setting. If you are new to the world of scooter tuning, we will recommend you start from the weights close to the stock weights, either lighter or heavier. Once you tried one and felt the difference, you can then start from there.

Different Original Weight in Different Area

Even with the same model name, vehicles may still be different in different areas or countries.
Models listed are for reference. Please check with your technician before purchasing.

Characteristics of the Weight Rollers

There are a variety of sizes and weights for roller weights. By changing the weight, you can change the setting to emphasize the performance on low, medium, or high speed for your vehicle. Generally, if you choose a lighter weight, the setting will emphasize low speed; if you choose a heavier weight, the performance will show more on high speed. Of course, all this setting varies according to the engine power and other related factors of the vehicle.

When choosing lighter Weight Rollers

  • Better overall acceleration. Emphasize more acceleration at low-to-medium speed.
  • Excellent for driving in the city, where repeated starting, stopping, and re-acceleration happen regularly during traffic.
  • Good for driving in a city with slopes
  • You may not get the highest possible top-speed. (Anyway, top-end is not necessary when driving in a crowded city.)
  • Vehicle starts at a higher rpm.
  • High engine revolution at low and medium speed can affect fuel economy.
  • Shifting operation is slow when the speed rises.

When choosing heavier Weight Rollers

  • Stable high speed. The setting emphasizes to get the highest top-end speed.
  • Since the engine rpm is low at low speeds, which may affect fuel efficiency.
  • The overall engine rpm is low, so it is drivetrain friendly.
  • Slightly slow to accelerate at low to medium speeds.
  • Starts in a lower rpm range.
  • Fast shifting operation when the speed rises.

How should I go to Settings specifically

First, try the weight rollers that come with your vehicle for several days. Based on the experience with that weight roller, change the weight if you want to do any improvement.

When the start acceleration is too slow…

▶ Choose lighter Weight Rollers.

The vehicle speed does not increase just because the engine growls, nor reach my expected top speed…

▶ Choose heavier Weight Rollers.

What should we pay attention to?

※ The instruction above shows a general effect on settings. Real results may vary depending on the characteristics of the engine and vehicle type. Using too-heavy roller weights may not improve fuel efficiency, so choose the weight carefully depending on the condition of use.

※ Since the effect changes depending on the condition of the vehicle, always pay attention to the actual situation while tuning the vehicle.

※ Extreme changes of the weight of the weight roller can cause unexpected and irreversible damage to drivetrain components. Uninstall and install roller weights under the guidance of a technician with related knowledge.

※ If you plan to modify the vehicle, please be sure to check the manufacturer’s data. The size and weight of the stock roller weight may be different from the compatibility table in our web shop

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