The products mentioned in this article refer to products made by Dr.Pulley’s special self-lubricated composites such as


No matter it is motorcycles or ATV, the environment is often harsh and unpredictable. The durability of each part in mutual operation among the parts becomes very important.

Dr.Pulley’s products can meet these critical requirements of low-temperature resistance, high-temperature resistance, dust environment, compatibility with various counterparts, and achieving longer durability.

Dr.Pulley’s parts are made by self-lubricated high-performance composites, additional lubricants such as oil or grease are no need.

High-Performance Composites


Extremely friendly to aluminium alloy // Compatible with aluminium alloy

In the market, a lot of materials are modified to increase the strength for CVT application, but its defect is becoming very abrasive to wear off the aluminum-made components, and its durability becoming shorter too.

The benefits of Dr.Pulley materials include desired strength for CVT application and not attacking aluminum-made counterpart, and amazing friction wear resistance among various metals such as iron, and steel.

What is Abrasive Wear?

Abrasive friction, friction between two bodies, can be divided into two types, the harder one will wear off the soft one, and the soft one might embed with the metal particles produced from the hard one, that means three-body friction.

Durable Material

Normally, plastics are good wear-resistant materials due to their friction coefficient is low, but at high temperatures and dry humidity situations, the friction resistance of plastics will become higher.

The self-lubricated material of Dr.Pulley has a lower friction coefficient even is running at dry humidity and high temperature, its wear is still very low or saying operation life is long, especially for a vehicle running in a critical situation.

The environmental condition of CVT might be very hard—high load, dirty dust, high temperature, low temperature, wet high humidity, dry humidity and no one like to waste time in replacing the component often and regularly.

Using products made by Dr.Pulley self-lubricated composites will become more reliable. Benefits of Dr.Pulley components include durability, longer durability, and no need for extra additional oiling.

Heat Resistance

Generally, it is thought plastic materials are unable to resist high temperatures. But, the materials from Dr.Pulley are high polymer composites belonging to a high heat-resistant grade. It is widely used in vehicles, various fields, and high-end industries.

In addition, other superior characteristics can be custom-made, according to the service environment, such as sliding friction characteristics, reduce wear-off friction (Abrasive wear), etc. Therefore, even under long-term running at high temperatures, the above advantages can be maintained.


When components are at mutual friction running, grease is always necessary to reduce serious wear. But, Dr. Pulley’s products are self-lubricating, these plastic parts can be subject to high-temperature friction. That means no need to have extra grease maintenance to get low wear and longer service life.