Slider vs. Roller, field test, for speed 0-80 km/hr

Slider vs. Roller

Slider vs. Roller

The test was done in 2022.

Test Condition

test place

Test Place

Windbreak Forest

It’s not affected by the wind.

Vehicle condition

Vehicle condition

  • Model: Kymco Famous 125
  • Vehicle: 110 kg
  • Load: 60 kg
  • Tire pressure: 28 psi
  • Engage RPM: 1550

Components installed

  • Original Variator
  • Original Fan
  • Original Boss
  • Original Ramp Plate
  • Original Slide Piece
  • Original V-Belt
  • Original Driven Pulley
  • Original Torque Spring
  • Original Clutch Bell
  • Original Stock Clutch

All test conditions are the same, only the Weight Roller is in different type, RR or SR.

What’s the testing purpose?

Performance difference between round roller and sliding roller, both at 16 gram.

 Items recorded

Mainly time needed to reach 0-80 km/hr.
Secondary time to reach distance of 402 m (1/4 mile).
10 times of testing, average value recorded.

Testing Apparatus

Testing Apparatus

Signal reception and positioning via GPS

Field test

Round Roller

Round Roller Weight

RR1814-6, 16 gram, original roller.

RR1814-6, 16gAverage data
0-80 km/hr14.13 sec
402 m (1/4 mile)21.35 sec
Sliding Roller

Sliding Roller Weight

SR1814-6, 16 gram, Dr.Pulley

SR1814-6, 16gAverage data
0-80 km/hr13.44 sec
402 m (1/4 mile)21.06 sec

Summarized Comparison

0~80 km/hr Testing of acceleration

Sliding Roller Weight13.44 sec
Round Roller Weight14.13 sec
% Improved4.88%

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