What is the EMS shown on the shipping option

Be recognized as Remote Area

What is the EMS shown on the shipping option?

What is the EMS shown on the shipping option

  EMS (Express Mail Service) is an international express postal service that connects 175* countries and territories, currently the largest delivery network in the world. EMS provides service through post offices worldwide, which makes EMS the most accessible and convenient delivery method among all other logistics options. (*As of June 2022)

  For you to receive orders earlier, we always use international express delivery for the orders in our shop. However, due to the delivery area category of each courier service company, some location can be recognized “Remote Area” which costs you much more for delivery. Sometimes, neighborhood postal codes can cost highly different. In this situation, the EMS option will show on the shipping option.

  Generally speaking, EMS delivery costs less and takes a few more days than general courier service. If you do not want to pay the huge extra charge due to “remote area,” EMS is the best option for you.

How to Track My EMS Parcel?

  1. Once your order is shipped, our system will generate an email for you, including EMS tracking number for your parcel as well as the link to EMS tracking page.
  2. Click the link, you will see iPost webpage as the following:
  3. On the left, click “International Tracking Service”
  4. Input your tracking number and the Captcha.
click International Tracking Service
click International Tracking Service
Input your tracking number and the Captcha - guide
Input your tracking number and the Captcha

EMS Tracking Information May Delay

tracking update may delay

  It is simple to use EMS tracking service. While the service network is huge and it relies heavily on the labor loading in the post office, the delivery information update may be delayed sometimes. For instance, the tracking update may lag 24 hours or longer during their high working volume or busy working period.

  It is required your understanding of both pros and cons when choosing between courier and EMS services.