Why Sliding roller is more durable?

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Why Sliding roller is more durable?


First, It is known that the moveable pulley-half will be pushed outward by the centrifugal force of weight roller when the engine rotates to a certain speed.

Why Sliding roller is more durable

According to equation P=F/A (P:compression pressure ; F:force from centrifugal force of weight roller; A: contact area between the roller ane ramp plate), due to high F and low A so the wear of roller will be very quickly.

Round Roller Weights

Line contact of Round Roller
Line contact

The contact surface between the round roller and the ramp plate is almost close to a line-contact. The compression pressure (P) of weight roller against the ramp plate is high.

After a period of riding , the diameter of round type weight rollers become smaller due to highly wear and getting small rollers will make the V-belt height on the variator become lower


and the predetermined CVT gear shift ratio deviated from the originally designed value, the value of low gear becomes higher, the value of high gear becomes higher and the CVT gear shift range will become narrow.  

Consequently, the CVT performance will become poor such as top speed becomes lower and fuel consumption becomes more.

Sliding Roller Weights

Surface contact of Sliding roller
Surface contact

As the Dr.Pulley SR, through the equation P=F/A, the compression pressure(P) will be lower ( comparing the P of round roller) since the contact area (A) of SR is larger than the contact area of RR round roller. This lower P makes the wear of SR is much less.

After a period of riding, the wear of SR is very less and the height of SR is almost neglected and the V-belt height on the variator is almost unchanged. In other words, the stability of original CVT shift ratio is much better, doesn’t fade.

Why Sliding roller is more durable?
Comparison figure

Why Sliding roller is more durable
comparison-SR and RR

One practical example might make it easier to understand the different durability between SR and round roller.

pencil wear
pencil wear

In the picture, you see the contact area of pencil on the paper is almost close to a point-contact, a very small area and through equation P=F/A, you’ll know its contact pressure (P) is very high

so the handwriting is in darker color or its wear is more quickly.

Advance notice:

In the next video, we will explain the reason why the movement of moveable pulley-half by the SR is more efficient and less energy consuming ?

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