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Nylon Protector, Block, Wear Test

Nylon Protector, Block, Wear Test - image

Nylon Protector, Block In order to meet the quality/performance required from the marketing, Dr.Pulley devote several years of formula development and field-testing. Now in the market, the Dr.Pulley BLOCK has the best overall properties of The wear test produced valuable data on the comparative performance of the materials, as below: Test Condition The high performance […]

Tuning HiT Clutch – Road Test

Tuning HiT Clutch

Tuning HiT Clutch – Road Test Test Condition Original Variator Original Ramp Plate Original Boss Original Fan Original Torque Spring Sliding Roller Weight, SR1814-6, 16g Original Driven Pulley Original Clutch Bell Original V-Belt   The road for the riding test is beside a windbreak forest, which is not affected by the weather and wind, the only […]

HiT Clutch Slippage

HiT Clutch Slippage -

HiT Clutch Slippage What is ADAMS? Application: ADAMS SIMULATION   ADAMS (Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical System) or MD ADAMS (Adams for Multibody Dynamics) is a simulation application software for developers and engineers to build and test virtual mechanical prototypes. It is one of the most popular software for mechanical module analysis. https://www.mscsoftware.com/product/adams Definition Not Engaged: […]

Sliding roller, Field test, Kymco Gy6 125 – 2004

Preface The test was done in 2004. The scooter at that time was with carburetor. Field Test Test# Acceleration Rate   To compare the acceleration performance between the Conventional Roller weight and the Sliding Roller weight of Dr.Pulley. Condition Scooter model : KYMCO GY6 125 c.c. Rider weight : 100 kg (220 lb). Weight Roller : […]