Which SP is the correct one for your BMW?

SP-AH is for BMW after 2016;

the SP might be SP-AH or SP-AE Before 2015

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Which SP is the correct one for your BMW?

We have two types of SP, SP-AH and SP-AE for BMW scooters.

  If your bike is a BMW (C600 Sport or C650 GT) and its year model is before 2015, we are sorry that we cannot provide correct information on which slider to use. Most likely, SP-AH can be used, but SP-AE will still be used in a few cases. In the past, there were Many customers have seen it several times, especially at some exhibitions, but still can’t see the logic of the rules, which is quite disturbing;

  The BMW 600/650 and the year after 2016 can be identified as SP-AH.

Which SP- description

  Regarding which SP-AH or SP-AE to use, we hope that you can know the size by any method. If you do not have the relevant professional skills to disassemble and assemble, you need to ask a technician to help you disassemble the transmission system and check the slider on the ramp plate. You can know which slider to use by confirming the size. In addition, it is also a method to ask our suppliers for confirmation

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If you really want to buy, and it is unresourced, unconfirmed, and too troublesome,
   please write to us and we will tell you how to do it.   


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