Why Didn’t I Get Email Response from Your Shop?

Why Didn’t I Get Email Response

Very Likely in the Spam Folder

The reason why you didn’t get our feedback can be:

Why Didn’t I Get Email Response
  • In the spam mail folder (Very Likely!)
    • According to our experience, it is the most common reason why you did not receive our response. Please do check the spam folder first.
    • If you are using Hotmail, it’s almost 90% chance that our email will be in the spam folder. If you are using Gmail, there is still more than 50% chance our email will be sent to Spam or Social.
  • The original setting of your email blocks our email address.
    • If you are using company domain email, you may check whether our email is blocked due to company email security.
    • You may try to send email to us from a more general email provider.
  • Wrong email address.
    • If the email address on our Contact Form is accidentally a wrong one, we will not be able to reach you. Therefore, please make sure the email address shown on the Contact Form is correct.
  • Time-zone difference.
    • Since our customer service does not work 24/7 and it is very likely that we are in different time zone, please understand that we are unable to provide instant message feedback at this moment. Once you contact us, please spare one or two working days for us to respond.
  • DrPulley.Co website temporary problem
    • It is rare but it still can happen. 1 out of 1000 email might get lost due to unknown IT reason. If you do not get our response after 2 days (please exclude weekends and holidays), please fill the Contact Form again.
  • Sorry, we did miss your email
    • At DrPulley.Co, we always strive to provide you the best possible service we can. If, in any case that, you still do not receive our response after checking those above, please do send us message again. Thanks in advance.

  In fact, it is not possible for us to know whether our email successfully reaches you, so we become aware of possible email problem when we got the same email from you. Since we have no idea what the email problem is, in most cases we will contact you from a different email/domain. Those emails can be one of the following:

  1. @drpulley.co
    • [customer service email, systematic email] – Corporation email system
  2. @unionmaterial.com
    • [customer service email] – Corporation email system
  3. @cusrev.com
    • [systematic email] – Third-party email system
  4. @gmail.com
    • [customer service email]

@drpulley.co and @unionmaterial.com are the most used email accounts when we contact you from DrPulley.Co. Then @cusrev.com is from the third-party company for our service evaluation.


Please always be aware of the email that you received as internet hackers know how to cover their emails with famous company domains. Whenever you find suspicious email content, always ignore that email and send Contact Form to us again.

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