How much is the shipping cost?

How much is the shipping cost?

Put all the products you want into the shopping cart, input your complete address, and then the shipping cost will show up.

How much is the shipping cost

  If you want to know the shipping cost, the fastest way is to add all you want into the shopping cart and fill out the address form. Then, you will see the shipping cost popping out. We use international courier service for most of our orders and the shipping is cost is calculated in US dollars.

In case that you do not see any shipping cost shown on the screen, it is likely that we have missed this delivery territory/region. Please help to fill out the Contact Form, and we will update the system as fast as we can.

Some possible reasons why there is no shipping cost information:

  1. DrPulley.Co missed that region
  2. Courier service companies do not serve in that region
  3. Regions where selected products are restricted to import
  4. System error